Three Months of Artisanal Cheese

Each month, Petrossian offers a collection of three of the world's finest gourmet cheeses. The selection changes at the end of the month, so make sure to check back often to see our latest trio.

June's Cheese of the Month Collection includes


Country: Switzerland

Milk: Cow

Swiss Raclette has a distinctive aromatic flavor and a light-yellow colored body. It is fragrant and creamy in texture.  Have a Raclette party, melt this wonderful Swiss cheese under a hot grill, in the Raclette Machines and pair it with boiled potatoes, vegetables and a crusty baguette.  Also makes a great snack cheese, perfect to melt into sandwiches or fondue. This cheese is made from 100% Switzerland milk. Simply put, Raclette Cheese is the ultimate melting cheese! Pair Raclette with Swiss Fendant (white wine) or Dole (red wine).


Goat Gouda

Origin: Holland 

Milk: Goat

A hard textured cheese much like a Gouda cheese, a slight saltiness on the palate, a citrusy tang from the Goats milk, yet the forever prominent sweetness.

A perfect combination with a Stout or heavy beer as the coffee/chocolate notes will blend wonderfully with the lingering sweetness. Having said that, the old saying stands that ‘what grows together goes together’ try with a crisp Grolsch.


Cacio de Roma

Country: Italy

Milk: Sheep

This creamy, semisoft sheep’s milk cheese is manufactured in the countryside of Rome and aged about one month. Known as a “caciotta” for its small form, Cacio de Roma is the classic table cheese from Italy with a very full, flavorful taste. It can be enjoyed as a snack, melted on pizza or on a cheese plate. It also pairs well with Frascati or Soave.





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