Three Months of Artisanal Cheese

Each month, Petrossian offers a collection of three of the world's finest gourmet cheeses. The selection changes at the end of the month, so make sure to check back often to see our latest trio.

March's Cheese of the Month Collection includes:

St. Andre

Country: France

Milk: Cow

Saint Andre is a triple crème cow's milk cheese produced in Coutances, in the Normandy region of northwestern France. It has a high fat (75%) content because it is further enhanced with heavy cream, making it dense, buttery and rich. The rind is covered with a velvety and powdery bloomy mold while the inside is ivory white in color. The taste of the cheese is an intense version of the Brie, another famous French soft cheese. The flavors of the satiny, edible rind are tangy perfectly complementing the rich, slightly salty and decadent center.

The full, buttery taste of Saint Andre can make a white wine taste sour, so it is best suggested with a light beer, dessert wine or a slice of pear. It could also be enjoyed with a crusty French bread or a plain cracker.



Country: Holland

Milk: Goat
A hard textured cheese much like a Gouda cheese, with the milk proteins having broken down to provide the crystallization, a slight saltiness on the palate, a citrusy tang from the goats milk, yet the forever prominent caramel sweetness. It is at the end of the maturation process when the cheese is then rubbed in caramel, that the flavors give way to a cheese with a sweet salty finish.

A perfect combination with a Stout or heavy beer as the coffee/chocolate notes will blend wonderfully with the lingering sweetness. Having said that, the old saying stands that “what grows together goes together”, try with a crisp Grolsch. 


St. Agur

Country: France

Milk: Cow

St. Agur, easily recognizable by its octagonal shape, is made from pasteurized cow's milk in the village of Monts du Velay. It entices you with its naked butteriness and delicate sharpness. It contains 60% butter cream, thus qualifying it also as a double-cream cheese. In other words, every bite is sinful. Mild in flavor and not too salty in comparison to other blues, St. Agur appeals to many palates. Due to its creaminess, it melts and spreads easily.

Put a thin slice in your salad or burger or spread it on fresh baguette. It also melts quickly in sauces. Serve with Chardonnay, Syrah, Port, or Vouvray Moelleux.


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