Six or Twelve Months of Petrossian Delicacies

For six or twelve months of the year, the glorious delicacies keep arriving - from legendary caviars to velvety smoked fish, silky foie gras to succulent saucisson. If you prefer, we can create custom assortments for monthly delivery. A delivery time will be arranged in advance, and your gift card will accompany each shipment.

Bonus Gift: A package of 6 Mini Blini will accompany each caviar selection.

The schedule for the six months of gifts is as follows:

January: Royal Ossetra Caviar - 50 g.
February: Classic Sliced Smoked Salmon - 1.1 lb.
March: Royal Baika™ Caviar - 50 g.
April: Duck Foie Gras (6.3 oz. jar)
May: Royal Transmontanus Caviar - 50 g.
June: Duck Saucisson - 10 oz.

The continuing schedule for twelve months of gifts is as follows:

July: Royal Shassetra™ Caviar - 50 g.
August: Tsar-Cut Smoked Salmon - 1 lb. unsliced
September: Royal Kaluga Huso Hybrid Caviar - 50 g.
October: Smoked Sturgeon - 8 oz. unsliced
November: Preserved Pate Sampler - Four 3.1 oz. jars
December: Dill Marinated Tsar-Cut™ Salmon - 1 lb. unsliced

The total price for the delicacies and multiple deliveries is:
GP6: $1055
GP12: $2175

Note: There will be additional shipping charges to gift programs sent to Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico.

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Six or Twelve Months of Petrossian Delicacies
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