Petrossian Presentation Box with 125g Caviar

Paper and a ribbon simply won't do! Order this breathtaking Presentation Gift Box, then add a 125g tin of your favorite caviar to create the perfect gift for someone special. Press the enameled medallion to unlock the glories that wait inside! The lacquered case is a treasure unto itself, to be cherished long after its contents have been happily consumed.

Product Dimensions: 7 3/8"L x 6 1/2"W x 3"H

Box not available without caviar purchase.

Click here to select the Petrossian Presentation Box for 250g Caviar.

As low as $60.00

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Customize Petrossian Presentation Box with 125g Caviar
Tsar Imperial™ Shassetra™ Caviar
Petrossian Original Pressed Caviar
Royal Ossetra Caviar
Ossetra President Caviar
Hackleback American Roe
Daurenki Caviar
Royal Transmontanus Caviar
Chataluga Prestige™ Caviar
Tsar Imperial™ Baika™ Caviar
Special Reserve Alverta™ Caviar
Alverta™ President Caviar
Special Reserve Ossetra Caviar
Tsar Imperial™ Transmontanus Caviar
Royal Baika™ Caviar
Royal Shassetra™ Caviar
Tsar Imperial™ Ossetra Caviar
Royal Kaluga Huso Hybrid Caviar
Tsar Imperial ™ Kaluga Huso Hybrid
Special Reserve Kaluga Huso Hybrid
Classic Shassetra™
Classic Baika™ Caviar
Classic Ossetra
Petrossian Presentation Box 125g   + $60.00

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Petrossian Presentation Box with 125g Caviar
Petrossian Presentation Box with 125g Caviar

In stock