Classic Baika™ Caviar

A caviar this dark and deep could only be plucked from the cold fathoms of Lake Baikal, the world’s deepest lake, in Russian Siberia. Though this legendary sturgeon is now farmed under the same conditions across the globe, we’ve never lost the nostalgic taste of the sea that made Siberian caviar so valuable to the Russian Tsars.

Ravened-hued and soft to the touch, these unassuming little marvels fill each bite with savory, bright notes of fruit and a fresh “kiss of the sea” that will take the most modern connoisseur back to the “old country,” wherever that may be.

Origin: Imported
Type: Farmed
Flavor: Woody, fresh and fruity
Size: Small
Color: Ebony with hints of sable
Species:  Acipenser Baerii
Common Name: Siberian Sturgeon
Shelf Life: Four weeks refrigerated
Shipping: Perishable – ships FedEx Overnight with Stay-Fresh™ packing

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Classic Baika™ Caviar
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FC30 1.06 oz. (30g) 1 serving
FC50 1 3/4 oz. (50g) 1-2 servings
FC16 4 3/8 oz. (125g) 2-4 servings
FC14 8 3/4 oz. (250g) 4-8 servings
FC13 13 1/4 oz. (375g) 6-12 servings
FC12 17 5/8 oz. (500g) 8-16 servings
FC10 35 1/4 oz. (1000g) 16-32 servings