Cheese Of The Month Collection

Each month, Petrossian offers a collection of three of the world's finest gourmet cheeses. The selection changes at the end of the month, so make sure to check back often to see our latest trio.

February's Cheese of the Month Collection includes:

Goat Gouda

Country: Holland

Milk: Goat

A semi-firm cheese of pasteurized goat’s milk that is mild, vaguely sweet, and refreshingly straightforward. The paste remains supple after approximately four months of aging, and can be easily melted over pies or crisps for an unusual dessert. This pairs beautifully with a dry California white or an amber ale.


Cacio de Roma

Country: Italy

Milk: Sheep

This creamy, semisoft sheep’s milk cheese is manufactured in the countryside of Rome and aged about one month. Known as a “caciotta” for its small form, Cacio de Roma is the classic table cheese from Italy with a very full, flavorful taste. It can be enjoyed as a snack, melted on pizza or on a cheese plate. Wine pairing: Frascati or Soave.



Country: France

Milk: Goat

Valençay cheese is one of the classic French cheeses made in the province of Berry in central France. It is named after the town of Valençay in the Indre department, France. Valençay is an unpasteurized goats-milk cheese. Its rind has a rustic blue-grey color which is made by the natural moulds. The rind is then are darkened by dusting charcoal powder. It is available usually between March and December, with peak manufacture between April and August. Valençay cheese used to have a shape of a perfect pyramid with a pointed top. But when Napoleon returned to the castle of Valencay after his unsuccessful expedition in Egypt, he saw the cheese, and in a fit of rage, drew his sword and cut of the top of cheese. Since then the cheese has always been made with a flattened top. Valençay pairs well with dry white wine (Sauvignon, Chardonnay grapes) as well with light red wine such as Touraine (Gamay Noir Cabernet-Franc grapes).


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