Caviar Showcase for Two

When it's just the two of you, when the moment is right and romance is in the air, embrace the world's most glorious delicacy. We proudly present a 125g tin of superb Petrossian caviar, two vodka flutes, just waiting to be filled with the icy elixir, and two mother-of-pearl caviar spoons. In our custom designed gift box. Utterly unforgettable.


  • 125 g. Caviar of your choice
  • Two Vodka Flutes
  • Two Mother-of-Pearl spoons
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Caviar Showcase for Two
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CST with Chataluga Caviar
SST with Royal Shassetra™ Caviar
TST with Royal Transmontanus Caviar
OST with Royal Ossetra Caviar