Getting inspired by the spirit of Valentine’s Day is exciting, but it can also be easy to get carried away with all the gifts and flowers and hoity-toity dinner reservations that come to be expected. Instead, we ascribe to the belief that any day should be treated as a special day. So, when it comes to crafting a special moment for your significant other, it’s something that we live and breathe day in, day out. Here are some ideas to step away from the usual program and to step back into the romance.

Epic Meal Time

Opting to stay in for Valentine’s Day is a fabulous option on many, many levels. Heaven forbid all the reservations at that must-try pop-up are already booked! Or that you’re surrounded by tables popping engagements like bottles of Cristal. Or you’re stuck with a prix fixe menu not to your liking so the restaurant can accommodate the Valentine’s rush. Avoid the calamity on the restaurant circuit by plotting an epic meal time of your loved one’s favorite items. Oysters, charcuterie, truffle pasta, coconut cake – it doesn’t matter if it’s all a little bit random if these are the dishes your sweetheart loves. So why not wrap them up into one indulgent meal? For an extra dash of sentimentality, add a custom menu explaining each dish and its origin story (like that time you first shared oysters on vacation).

Picnic Party

If a melange of dishes is overwhelming, stick to a simple menu and perhaps instead opt for a perfectly curated picnic set. A caviar sampler can give you the taste adventure of trying different types in one sitting while a dessert basket can offer a decadent array of after-dinner treats. Weather-permitting, you may be able to take your picnic to a park in the daytime, or perhaps opt for a brunch basket to treat your sweetheart to breakfast in bed. No matter how you wish to play the home game, we have a chic and thoughtfully assembled set that will eliminate the stress of prepping your date.

Something Utterly Spectacular

Special occasions like Valentine’s Day are the perfect (dare we say) excuse to step out of the comfort zone. Sure, we all order in pizza and Chinese for those nights when we’re just too tired or uninspired. But crafting an experience that is a true gourmet delight offers a thoughtfulness that your significant other will appreciate. Caviar is the ultimate delicacy and culinary experience, but knowing how to pair it appropriately can be the make-or-break of your grand gesture.
Here is a quick recap of an article from Harper’s Bazaar that explains pairing caviar and wine:

  • Beginners will love Royal Siberian Caviar and it pairs very well with a Chardonnay.
  • Next, we love the Transmontanous Imperial which pairs well with a sparkling rosé.
  • For the connoisseur, our Ossetra Special Reserve is sure to make an impression when paired with a sparkling wine.


Need some advice on the perfect caviar or set to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Chat with our Caviar Concierge today and we’ll help you stock up in time for the big day.