Heading to a holiday party and keen to take an appy that makes a great impression? Rather than go with something standard (read: boring) or something from the grocery aisle, these holiday appetizer ideas are sure to awaken some serious holiday cheer.

Root Vegetables

Anything with root vegetables is timely and cozy – think rutabagas, celery root, yams, and sunchokes. One trend this holiday season is the mashup. Think root vegetables with apples for a unique twist to the otherwise “safe” – a sweet and savory splendor.

Pickling your favorite veggies can allow you to curate a visually stunning spread full of color and texture sure to entice the cocktail crowd. Or try out this fast and fantastic recipe for sunchoke chips with a blue cheese dip that will put nachos and queso to shame.

Smoke Signals

Anything smoked adds a comforting tone to any holiday menu. Bacon on anything is always a warming way to add flavor and fun to an appetizer. Whether it’s crispy, spread, or crumbled – adding a little bacon boost complements a lot of the seasonal foods around the holidays.

Smoked fish can go well beyond the fan fave of salmon. Instead, why not try out dishes with smoked trout (+cream cheese), smoked sturgeon (great as a spread!), and smoked cod (divine as a dip)? These types of smoked fish all have quite a range of taste, offering party guests a chance to try something likely a bit out of the usual.

Personalized Popcorn

Forget the silver screen and up the sophistication factor on popcorn this holiday season. Sure, there’s Chicago Mix and a ton of novelty options out there. But a homemade air pop with your own signature blend of spices offers a healthy option that can also be uniquely “you.” Miss your southern roots? In love with Indian masala? Can’t get enough of the seasonal sugar-n-spice goodness of cinnamon/ginger/nutmeg? Express yourself through an easy-to-make snack that’s also just as easy to munch on (and transport in a stylish vessel of your choosing). 

Truffle Toast

Anything truffle evokes a sense of decadence. And a little truly goes a long way. Adding dashes of truffle to your recipes can kick up the sophistication a pinch (literally). Or choosing an item that contains high-quality truffle as an ingredient, such as Petrossian truffle butter, can take the guesswork out for you. Grab some toast points or rye biscuits and spread on this rich and decadent to blow the minds of your holiday party compatriots.

Caviar Dreams

While there may be the perception or assumption that caviar is expensive, and therefore out of reach, using caviar as a garnish can be a great way to add a little style to your holiday appetizers without totally breaking the bank. Caviar comes in a variety of grades with flavors and experiences that can impeccably complement your dish. Curious to learn more? Check out this quick introduction to caviar or give our Caviar Concierge a buzz to match your appy with the best option.

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