If you’re getting bored with the go-to “let’s do dinner” plan of action, then it’s time to consider mixing in daytime dining. Why not move beloved brunch into your home for a fun alternative instead? Sure, it’s an adventure to wait in line at the latest pop-up or default to your neighborhood haunt, but hosting brunch at home presents a fabulous opportunity to shake things up for your friends and family. Here are some gourmet brunch ideas to help get you serving in style.

Delightful Décor

Setting the scene for a brunch get-together flexes a different set of creative muscles when decorating your table. Florals and candles make for excellent dinner style with more formal leanings, but brunch is the perfect opportunity to strip things down and simplify. From mismatched cups and plates to rustic greenery and natural elements, country chic place settings are a perfect fit for a more casual ambiance. Inspired by the wholesomeness of a delicious feast, it’s rather easy (and visually appealing) to incorporate your ingredients into your tabletop by using baskets, mason jars, and bottles to display them.

Gourmet Brunch Dishes

Hosting brunch at home doesn’t have to mean defaulting to good ol’ bacon and eggs or avocado toast. A gourmet brunch menu can be utterly delicious and doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Think quality over quantity when choosing your menu, aiming for fine foods and ingredients that can make even the more familiar dishes pop with taste. Here are some simple and delicious brunch recipe ideas to try out:

  • Scrambled eggs with crème fraiche and caviar: Served in egg cups, the presentation of this utterly fave food makes it utterly chic. Add a dash of caviar garnish, and this becomes a luxurious reinvention of scrambled eggs!
  • Eggs Benny: A go-to for most in a restaurant, serving up your own version of Eggs Benedict at home is sure to make you an instant legend.
  • Smoked fish salad: Using fresh smoked trout (or hot smoked salmon), whip up this incredibly easy spread for your bagels.
  • Brioche with caviar and crème fraiche: Add a little spunk to your bite-sized sides by using a cookie cutter to shape brioche rounds, before topping them with the classic pairing of crème fraiche and caviar.

Brunch Cocktails

As you set your menu, don’t forget to give thought to pairing your beverages. While champagne, coffee, and tea are staples for any brunch-goer, consider skipping the K-cup and spark conversation with Petrossian’s exclusive civet coffee, and step up your champagne game with Louis Roderer Cristal 2009. A creative signature cocktail can also add excitement and novelty to your meal, here’s a great list of some brunch hits.

As always, we love seeing what you whip up at home. Do share your brunch adventures with us on Instagram @petrossiannyc!