Caviar’s reputation as a long-coveted delicacy can make it rather intimidating at first glance. From its rich history to its place in modern pop culture, it’s easy to assume that caviar needs to be prepared and served in a fine dining restaurant. But the foodie in all of us can rejoice in knowing that caviar can also be enjoyed in the comfort of home and as part of any meal of the day. So why not try a caviar breakfast yourself?

Serving a Traditional Caviar Breakfast

While caviar is often thought of as an appetizer or an accompaniment to cocktails, adding it to breakfast can kick up your recipes without stress. The go-to base for caviar is the blini – a light and fluffy mini pancake that lets the flavor of your caviar selections shine. Adding a dollop of crème fraiche seals the deal, not only safely securing the delicate caviar beads to the blini but also adding a layer of contrast to the taste. Switching up this traditional vessel with another type of bread – such as toasted brioche – can also give you enough room to experiment with subtleties and textures.

Upgrading to Eggs-cellent

Another classic pairing is caviar and eggs. For breakfast, we recommend topping off rich and creamy scrambled eggs with just a pinch of caviar. How you choose to design your scrambled eggs, however, allows lots of room for creativity. Simple or multi-ingredient varieties of your morning scramble can all benefit from a little caviar garnish. And for an extra upgrade, we love Martha Stewart’s presentation in eggshell cups.


It’s easy to picture waffles with a cloud of whip cream, fresh berries and sprinkles of icing sugar. But instead of repeating the usual sweet routine, trying out a savory waffle can redefine the breakfast and brunch experience. This recipe features a hearty buckwheat waffle as the base and tops it with sour cream, caviar and a splash of black pepper for good measure.


Switching things up with a savory breakfast recipe is a great way to keep things interesting. Topping things off with a little bit of caviar adds that extra mystique and sophistication that truly shows a spark of creativity.


Not sure what pairs best with your choice of caviar? Talk to our Caviar Concierge for recommendations from our boutique.