Experiencing foie gras is a true culinary delight. While it is all too easy to assume it’s best served in a fine dining restaurant, enjoying it at home has never been easier. And with just the right foie gras pairing, you might just forget about #TacoTuesday and nominate a whole new favorite meal of the week with these foie gras recipe ideas.

Leave it to the Experts

Not so long ago, obtaining a delicacy like foie gras would only have been possible from your local gourmet butcher or grocer. Today, thanks to fantastic express shipping options (including next-day delivery), it is not only possible but also affordable to have the highest quality foie gras and caviar delivered straight to your door. No Cordon Bleu-level skill required!

Served Entier

Foie gras terrine or torchon are both the entire duck liver lobe, but prepared and served in different ways. Foie gras terrine cooked in a covered porcelain mould using a low-temperature water bath that effectively steam-cooks the liver. “Torchon” translates into “dish towel,” or rather the piece of fine muslin the liver is wrapped while being poached. Both can be served cold with an array of bread or toast points.

Tip: Dip spoons or knives in hot water before slicing foie gras to ensure an effortless cut.

Gone in Sixty Seconds

Searing foie gras is incredibly easy and unbelievably fast. The key point is to ensure that your skillet is hot enough for a quick flash – dropping your foie gras slices in for approximately 30 seconds per side should suffice. Serious Eats outlines some great ideas for pairing your seared foie gras with fruity flavors such as figs, peaches, plums.

This recipe from The Spruce features a fig and balsamic reduction.

Sautéing with Balsamic Style

Similar to searing, sautéing your foie gras is ultra-quick and hard to mess up. Rather than larger slices, Epicurious suggests cutting your foie gras into 0.5” thick pieces and popping into a skillet. Their recipe includes boiling the cooked foie gras with some balsamic vinegar for extra taste complexity.

Caramelized Apples and Wine

Upgrade the usual terrine with Food&Wine’s recipe featuring wine and caramelized apple. Serving with a Gewürztraminer makes this a divine foie gras pairing. Though this foie gras recipe is a little more laborious, it is worth every bit of effort.

Make Your Own Mousse

Take something already extraordinary and make it even more magical. This recipe from The Spruce upgrades foie gras into a divine mousse brilliantly served with toast and tart apple wedges. Plus, the advantage of making your own foie gras mousse is that you can serve it creatively – such as in decorative jars or through a confectionary piping bag.

A Better Brunch

There is no better brunch inspiration than Brooklyn Chef Brian Leth’s addition of foie gras to French toast. It’s decadent and divine, and also possible to adapt to your kitchen with a little bit of creativity.


Want to learn more about foie gras and what makes it so distinctive? Here’s a brief introduction.