Coming up with work-appropriate gift ideas for the holidays can often fall into a lather, rinse, repeat the cycle. It can be tricky to tread between the levels of high-quality, budget-appropriateness, and relevance (particularly if you have clients who simply “have it all”).

Instead of re-using the usual items in your gifting arsenal, consider these ideas for luxury corporate gifts sure to delight any recipient.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Put down the cookie and fruitcake gift baskets! While these are often a staple for client gifts around this time of year, these gift baskets also fall victim to containing the “same old same.” Plus, ordering from bulk packagers can mean compromising quality with unknown brands added in – and this can ultimately reflect poorly on your company’s perception in the eyes of your clients.

Instead, consider gift basket that contains some of your personal favorites, trendy items, or locally renowned products. Swap traditional shortbread for Madeleines, upgrade almond bark to truffles and embrace the savory side with pates and charcuterie. Check out these expertly curated gift baskets for easy yet high-end corporate gift ideas.

Suitably-Priced Wine

Preference for wine can be a very personal thing. It can also be potentially intimidating to gift if you know your recipient is a connoisseur. Rather than going off the deep-end by trying to “wow” with a hefty price tag or obscure label, consider first and foremost the taste of your recipient. If you’re giving a gift to a boss or client, for example, were there any occasions where you shared a certain type? The little gesture of recalling a favorite or referencing the past can go a long way. Even if it’s a well-intentioned but more generalized “I remember you liked Shiraz, I’ve read this one is delicious.” If you’re at a loss, research trends and options that fall within a suitable price range and always be sure to respect any company gifting limits.

Presentation is also incredibly important when assembling high-end corporate gifts. Simple yet sophisticated style never fails, and a high-quality ribbon and gift tag makes a better impression than endless tufts of tissue paper. Here are some more dos and don’ts for giving wine as a gift. 

Overall Gifting Etiquette

Being mindful of religion, dietary restrictions, and cultural norms are imperative when thinking about client gift ideas. It’s also important to consider how many gifts you need as well as when they will be sent. Perhaps your client will be tied up with year-end or out of town until January 2nd, as is par for the course in many industries. Deciding what to give is as important as making sure that your recipient receives the gesture in not only helping you to say thank you but also to make a lasting impression.

Giving charitable gifts is also an increasingly popular practice, bolstering the philanthropic image of your company and avoiding potential waste from boring client gifts that get tossed. Giving a donation in honor of a client can communicate a great deal, and it is also increasingly important to choose a charity that is reputable and in line with your company’s values.


Looking for an outstanding and luxurious corporate gift idea? Contact our Caviar Concierge and let us whip up something utterly delightful for you.