With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, the pressure mounts to craft a memorable experience for your sweetheart. When it comes to setting the scene for a thoughtful display of affection, there are no better wingmen than caviar or chocolate. But pairing them with complementary tastes is a science unto itself, so here are a few suggestions to take the guesswork out of your evening.

Caviar Pairings

Pairing caviar can feel intimidating likely because of the nature of enjoying such a mythical delicacy. It’s often called the food of the gods – no pressure, right? Ordering one of our signature sampler sets ensures you have a stress-free array of perfectly matched options to enjoy during your special night. Whether you choose to try a tour of the taste spectrum with different types of caviar, or perhaps opt for a perfectly packaged sweet-and-savory set, enjoying caviar has never been easier.

Plus, if you’re feeling inspired to prep your own appetizers or mains, our blog has an array of recipes to help with just that!

Beverage-wise, caviar and vodka pair exceptionally as does caviar and champagne. Just be sure to avoid heavy wines which will muddle the delicate taste of your caviar selection.

Chocolate Pairings

Milk, white, dark…no matter what type of chocolate your significant other adores, the key to a flawless Valentine’s chocolate course is to pick quality over quantity. A fine and delicate chocolate will hit the palate with an unspeakable perfection that will make any chocoholic melt. It can be easy to get caught up in the celebratory spirit and pop a bottle of bubbly. But avoid champagne as it will conflict with the luxurious taste of chocolate.

Some delightful flavor pairings include:

  • White chocolate with lemon, lime, sea salt caramel, lighter coffees
  • Milk chocolate with bacon, raspberries, lavender, medium roast coffees
  • Dark chocolate with ginger, mint, jalapeno or chipotle (spicy!), goat cheese, gouda, blue cheese, parmesan, dark roast coffees

So, step away from the clichéd chocolate covered strawberries and choose something truly exceptional instead.

Chocolate and Caviar

Scientifically proven and enjoyed by all who give it a whirl, caviar and white chocolate can be a match made in heaven. Why? Because they both contain common flavor compounds like trimethylamine that make their interesting pairing a sure-fire success. White chocolate soufflé topped with caviar is the go-to version, but trying out any format with these two ingredients will be a gastronomic adventure when it comes to chocolate and caviar.


Need a little advice on choosing caviar for your Valentine’s date night? Give our Caviar Concierge a buzz!