No matter your knowledge base, it’s exciting to experiment with the taste and texture of different kinds of caviar, but learning more about how caviar is produced will surely add to your enjoyment, and be the next notch in your foodie belt. From sourcing to shelf life, here is a quick guide to understanding caviar quality.


Did you know that it takes approximately eight years for a female sturgeon to mature enough to produce the eggs that become caviar? Although sturgeon have been around for over 250 million years, the wild populations have declined and most of the caviar you’ll find today comes from sustainable farms.

Petrossian sources its caviar from the world’s finest sturgeon farms, and we then mature, grade, pack and distribute our signature caviar to our consumers. Rather than select caviar based on a geographical region, we select our caviar based on excellence and specific types (or breeds of fish). Depending on the type and grade, you may find caviar comes in many colors like golden brown, black/grey or light/dark green.

Maturation & Inspection

Upon receiving the top caviar picks from our farms, it is produced and stored in a refrigerated “clean room” until it makes its way to you. Our experts personally examine each batch for color, taste, and texture and each tin gets at least 50 hours of attention and care. It takes that long to produce what is akin to a delicious work of art and to meet Petrossian’s exacting standards.

Petrossian caviar is “malossol,” which means that it is prepared with the minimum amount of salt required for the maturation process. As the caviar matures, it is regularly inspected and any batch that fails our rigorous standards is removed.

When each batch reaches peak maturity, it is graded as Classic, Royal, Tsar Imperial, President or Special Reserve. Each grading considers the senses of sight, touch/hearing, scent/afterscent, and taste/aftertaste. Then, our caviar is packed in special tins that optimize refrigeration before being express shipped to you.

Caviar Freshness

To capitalize on Petrossian taking every measure to ensure freshness with pristine refrigeration and stringent quality controls, we recommend consuming your caviar at your earliest convenience to ensure optimal freshness and flavor. Caviar will maintain its top quality for up to four weeks when stored unopened and refrigerated (ideal temperature: 38 degrees Fahrenheit). Much as with any fresh fish product, once the tin is opened, we recommend consuming your caviar within 24 hours (and kept refrigerated or over ice during that time). These refrigeration recommendations will ensure not only the best flavor, texture, and aroma of your caviar but also protect you from any possible health and safety concerns.

If you have any questions about your caviar order, please don’t hesitate to contact our Caviar Concierge at 1-800-828-9241.