Petrossian Caviarcube® - Exclusive

NEW! Caviarcube® - Presented in glass jars containing about 16-18 pieces, the cubes are packed in oil for freshness and to maintain the cube shape.

A convenient way to present caviar to your guests in order to make your NEXT EVENT memorable is to serve a CAVIARTINI!®

Enjoy one of these FOUR new Petrossian Caviartinis®:

Our Vodka Caviartini® can be served several different ways using our Caviarcubes®…always shaken; never stirred, of course. We used the best Russian Vodka and just a hint of Vermouth to make our very dry Caviartini®.

The Caviar2 [squared] – Featuring two different styles of caviar - this Martini is accompanied by a Caviarcube®, a cocktail onion and an olive stuffed with caviar.

The Looker - Use a cocktail onion and a Caviarcube®, then another cocktail onion, rest them on the side of the glass. Or use cubes or small balls of cucumber instead of onions.

The Slice & Dice – Top a thin slice of cucumber with a Caviarcube®. Pierce the combination with a cocktail stick and make sure the stick hits the bottom of the glass for balance. Make sure the cucumber and cube remain sitting on top of the vodka (do not submerge).

The Russian Tradition – A lemon twist in your Caviartini® and pierce a Caviarcube® or two, to rest on the side of your Caviartini® (pictured).

Recently featured in Bartender Magazine! Bar and restaurant owners, to place a wholesale order, please call Petrossian Wholesale at 212-337-0808 ext. 304.

NOTE: Before you begin place the cubes on a paper towel to drain off excess oil. When skewering the cubes gently insert a cocktail pick as they are delicate and can split if you are not careful.

You can also use the Caviarcube® to elegantly top a canape or Hors d'œuvre.

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