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30g Presentation

Served with blinis, toast points and crème fraîche

Transmontanus Caviar is nutty in flavor, both smooth and robust, small dark bead, black to light brown
Classic 69    Royal 79    Tsar Imperial 105     President 140
Special Reserve (50 grams) 360

Siberian Sturgeon has a strong taste of the sea, firm beads, grayish to black
Tsar Imperial  145

Shassetra Caviar has a lively taste with notes of dry fruit and a taste of the sea, medium sized firm bead, brown to amber
Tsar Imperial  155

Ossetra Caviar is distinctively fresh and fruity, with firm, well defined medium sized beads, greenish-gray to warm brown
Royal  165            Tsar Imperial  205        President  285
Special Reserve (50 grams) 655

Kaluga Huso Hybrid Caviar is a blissful marriage of Kaluga and Shassetra, creamy, buttery, nutty, dark gray to light golden green
Tsar Imperial  330

Additional blinis, creme fraiche or accoutrements will be at an additional cost

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