Cheese Of The Month Collection

Each month, Petrossian offers a collection of three of the world's finest gourmet cheeses. The selection changes at the end of the month, so make sure to check back often to see our latest trio.

June's Cheese of the Month Collection includes:

Pecorino Grand Cru

Produced in Sassari, an area of Sardinia famous for its Pecorino, our Pecorino Grand Cru is made with 100% sheep milk. The cheese is aged 20 months using techniques normally applied to Parmigiano Reggiano, which makes this an innovative product. Its aroma is an incredible balance of the sophisticated notes from the long aging and the sweetness of fresh milk. Sweet and well balanced, with an intense bouquet of flavors, including long lasting milk aromas-rarely found in aged cheeses. Semi-firm, Pecorino Grand Cru can be eaten alone or with a drop of honey, or marmalade and melts nicely in your mouth. But pairing it with a full bodied red wine Like Sardinian Cannonau brings out the flavor even more.


Swiss Raclette has a distinctive aromatic flavor and a light-yellow colored body. It is fragrant and creamy in texture. Have a Raclette party, melt this wonderful Swiss cheese under a hot grill, in the Raclette Machines and pair it with boiled potatoes, vegetables and a crusty baguette. Also makes a great snack cheese, perfect to melt into sandwiches or fondue. This cheese is made from 100% Switzerland milk. Simply put, Raclette Cheese is the ultimate melting cheese! Pair Raclette with Swiss Fendant (white wine) or Dole (red wine).


Florette (Goat Brie) is a goat milk cheese similar in texture and consistency to a brie. It is so smooth it is often used as a spread. A flavorful, soft-ripened cheese, Florette is always a favorite for cheese plates. White wines of the Loire like Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé and even Sauvignon de Touraine work especially well with Florette.

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Foie Gras & Paté

Petrossian offers foie gras in its pure form and in superb variations to please individual tastes, styles, and occasions. Our different varieties each have unique character, such as the velvety foie gras mousse and the Port-seasoned pate. Discerning palates will celebrate the subtle distinctions.

FAQ for Foie Gras, Paté, and Cheese

  • How long does foie gras stay fresh?

    Our fresh foie gras and pates will last thirty days refrigerated and unopened.

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  • How much does shipping cost?

    For perishable items, such as caviar and smoked salmon, we require overnight shipping, with a flat rate of $35 to the lower 48 states. There is a $15 surcharge for shipments to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. For all our information about shipping and returns, visit our shipping FAQ.

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