Daurenki Caviar

It reads like a love story: In a lake that borders both Russian and China, two sturgeon species met, mated and produced a wonderful new caviar! The resultant beads range from dark gray to light golden green, with a splendid "pop!" of rich, buttery, nutty flavor. Sustainably raised and marvelously consistent.

  • Origin: Imported
  • Type: Farmed
  • Flavor: Nutty and Buttery
  • Size: Medium
  • Color: Light Gray with Golden Highlights

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  • Sku# Details Price Quantity  
    SD30 1.06 oz. (30g) 1 serving $72.00 Add to cart
    SD50 1 3/4 oz. (50g) 1-2 servings $118.00 Add to cart
    SD16 4 3/8 oz. (125g) 2-4 servings $292.00 Add to cart
    SD14 8 3/4 oz. (250g) 4-8 servings $575.00 Add to cart
    SD13 13 1/4 oz. (375g) 6-12 servings $863.00 Add to cart
    SD12 17 5/8 oz. (500g) 8-16 servings $1150.00 Add to cart
    SD10 35 1/4 oz. (1000g) 16-32 servings $2300.00 Add to cart

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