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You Can Enjoy a Luxurious Parisian-Style Caviar Feast for an American Gourmet Experience Your Guests Will Never Forget!

Serve the delicious, gourmet foods savored by Europe’s aristocrats and elite at your party or family get-together.


American Caviar Holiday Experience

There will be “Ohhh’s” and “Ahhhh’s” at first
glance when your guests see the rich, luscious
food, wine and sweets spread out before them!


American Caviar Holiday ExperienceStart you own American tradition with the world’s premier American caviar and a stunning array of scrumptious candies plus a specially selected bottle of one of France’s best wines. You get everything to accompany the “caviar experience”- including Crème Fraîche and Mini-Blini pastries.


Be the “Ultimate House-Warming Guest” when you show up with the Petrossian American Caviar Package. Your host and the other guests will immediately make you the “guest of honor” (who will surely be invited again to many more parties!)



Imagine a dining experience so unique, it will be talked about for years to come... along with the glowing memories of the host (or hostess) who served these rare, exquisite European delicacies.


It was in the 1920's that the Petrossian Brothers first introduced Paris to the magic of caviar and, in doing so, founded the company that, today is the premier buyer and importer of Russian caviar worldwide.


During the “Roaring 20s” Paris welcomed exiled Russian princes, intellectuals and aristocrats with open arms. Parisians quickly embraced all things Russian- especially the arts, ballet and Russian Cuisine...and the wonders of fine caviar!


The French had yet to be introduced to this rare indulgence, a situation that the Petrossian brothers immediately set out to make right. With the help of Cesar Ritz, the great impresario of the European hotel trade, caviar became the world-renowned delicacy of gourmet dining
and the “rich and famous" ... and now it’s your turn to enjoy!


A Perfect Match for Great Caviar...Can Only Be A Fine French Wine!

Château Olivier White 2005 Pessac Léognan

Light and aromatic, White 2005 Pessac Léognan is the result of the perfect balance between sauvignon, which gives it its fruitiness and vitality, the Semillon which makes a wonderful wine for aging, plus the rich and elegant, and delicate fragrance of Muscadelle.


Note: For these states where alcohol delivery is prohibited, we will substitute the wine for 8.8 oz. of our classic sliced smoked salmon.
Our smoked salmon is sliced by hand, fresh, fragrant andtruly sublime. Serve on toast points for a great complement to the American caviar package.


Wine bottleChateau Olivier’s vineyards have a long history dating back to the 14th century when the property was occupied by the d'Olivier family. The estate's actual château, today classified as a “monument historique”, and held in high esteem as one of only two Léognan estates given the prefix "château" in the first French edition of Cocks & Féret.


White 2005 Pessac Léognan is one of our expert-recommended wines to pair with Petrossian Fine Caviars. It’s the perfect compliment for your caviar and a luxurious addition to your dining enjoyment. You’ll discover it will enhance the flavor of every savory part of the Petrossian American Caviar Package.

Wine Spectator Rating: 92





Get guaranteed freshness, anytime of the year!



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The choice gourmet foods and wine you’ll get in your Petrossian American Caviar Feast...partial logo





Caviar shotPetrossian United States Caviars have superb taste and top-tier quality placing them with the world’s finest caviars!

True connoisseurs of world-class caviar now recognize that US caviars, be they wild or farmed, have come of age, offering tastes that proudly hold their own when compared to their Caspian Sea cousins. We celebrate these varieties by bringing together 50g each of Hackleback, Chataluga Prestige, Alverta and Royal Transmontanus caviars, packed in our signature limited edition tin for an all-American caviar experience that's world class.


Caviar press reviews


End your glorious feast with mouth-watering, exotic chocolate-covered truffles unlike any you’ve ever tasted!


chocolate truffle samplerThese incredible truffles are intensely flavorful, and full of wonderful surprises! Our 9-piece selection includes


Pure bliss in every bite!


Petrossian Excellence is a Great Value!


Once again, here is what you'll get:



Create your American caviar feast:

$537.00 + $35.00 shipping


Select a quantity:
1 feast serves 4-6 people


Ships overnight. You will get to specify a delivery date while checking out.








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